Race Day…

If I knew how to start making money at it, I would TOTALLY make event planning my career – weddings, bridal showers, baby showers, birthday parties, whatever! I love it. That’s why, when I heard my former college roommate was pregnant, I JUMPED at the opportunity to host her shower (even if I’m hardly moved into the new house). 
I’m not really going to go down a list, step by step, on how to plan a party because then it might ruin my chances, if any, of ever getting to be a paid party planner – a good planner never shares their secrets! I only have 1 piece of advice that made a world of difference in this particular party which is, FIND A CO-HOST! 

My cohost for this party was amazing! Not only did she split the cost of putting the party together but she took on the food while I took on decorating and house prepping. Not to mention how much money she saved us by utilizing her amazing cake baking skills! 

After finding out how the mother-to-be preferred to remember her shower, we went with a shabby chic/pastel theme! Other than my curtains, it went pretty well with my house!

Since the party took place at 2:00 (which I thought was 3:00 all day for whatever reason), we went with lunch type finger foods, cake and cake pops and of course good southern (ChickFilA) sweet tea.

And, of course, what’s a party without some fun and games?!


Guess Mama’s Belly
Shower Gift Bingo
Pass the Parcel
Of course we had a designated place for all the things mommy to be will be needing to raise her new little girl!


This adorable diaper cake was created by the mom-to-be’s sister!
And what little one doesn’t like a good night story every now and then? Instead of cards, we asked the guests to bring their favorite night time story.

And, of course, can’t have a party without setting up the mom to be successfully with her pre addressed thank you cards.

I had an amazing time planning, especially with the help of a cohost. I think the mom to be was happy too, which is ultimately the most important part! 


Owners Manual…

Ok, I’m not sure if this is right or wrong or even if it would be best for you but since this is my blog I’m going to instruct you on how to decorate a room according to ME! Do you ever want to decorate a room but just don’t know where to start? Maybe this can help you out. 

1. Pick a room, any room but just 1 room. You need to tackle just one room at a time and not try to jump in all at once. Only people with lots of money and a camera crew can do the entire house in 1 swoop all on Wayfair.com. If you’re one of those people, please send me some money cause I’d love to try this. Here I’ve picked my guest bathroom. 


2. Decide on a style/Theme. I like to choose one cohesive style for my entire house. That doesn’t mean I have to do the same color or bedding or fabric for every room, I just like to make each room look like they’re somehow related and belong under the same roof. For my specific situation I have chosen a farmhouse style. 

3. Research/Steal from the best. Once I’ve chosen the room and the style of that room I simply go to Google or Pinterest and type that exact subject matter into the search engine. “Farmhouse Bathroom” or “Farmhouse Bedroom” and I proceed to save pictures to give myself ideas on what I want to begin looking for. What’s fun about this is you’re able to “steal” the best ideas from each room and make it your own. (Here’s my board of farmhouse style inspiration I’ve been adding to on Pinterest! http://pin.it/_BGlhMm).

4. Budget. There’s not much to go in depth about on this step. Figure out what you can afford to spend on your room and choose wisely and budget consciously during the next step. In my case for the farmhouse bathroom I had a very small budget that allowed me to do some simple surface decorating – no paint, definitely no renovating, just adding my own style to the room; wall art, furniture, textiles, etc.

5. Shop! Preferably over the course of several months to a year – definitely not all from the same store. Be patient, get crafty, travel, go to yard sales/consignment shops/major retailers/craigslist. Sometimes the best room is built over time and with a variety of styles mixed in. Especially with a farmhouse style. As long as you stay true to your original theme and budget, have fun and go crazy! Don’t be worried about being matchy matchy. Eclectic is best and most visually intriguing.

6. Stage. Find where your items should go, research furniture placement, move things around and then move them around again until it’s just right. Stage pieces in threes, think of a focal point, make sure every area in the room has a specific purpose (i.e. reading corner, conversation area, sleeping space, study spot, etc.) Here you’ll see I decorated in 3’s by placing 3 different wall pieces on the wall, making the towels the focal point on this wall.


7. Enjoy! You’ve earned it, sit back, relax, utilize your space. Take pictures and show the world on social media! The most important part is that YOU like it and it feels perfectly home to you. Sometimes there are no rules in decorating as long as it’s comfortable and beautiful. Also, keep in mind that styles/trends are constantly changing. If it’s been several years and you’re not “feeling” your room anymore – you can switch it up again! Nothing is forever in decoraring. 

So, I’ll stop babbling and show you my before and after farmhouse bathroom:


Van Cleef Designs shower curtain
estate sale crate
antique enamel pitcher, consigment shop
wall art , Target & Hobby Lobby
Just remember, decorating should be fun! It’s like picking out an outfit for your room. Don’t stress, just play, experiment and create!

Changing Gears…

Growing up my parents would buy houses, fix them up and resell them. I think we lived in nearly 7 different houses between my pre-k and 7th grade years. I don’t ever remember feeling negatively about this process because;

    1. We always stayed in the same school district
    2. It was normal to me since that’s all I knew and
    3. It made me who I am today

      Seeing my parents do their own work, helping my mom paint, and seeing how she decorated rubbed off on me and now I also love to decorate and DIY. Which brings me to The Supra Farm! 

      With the purchase of our home in September of 2015, I now have a blank slate to begin decorating. And not only do I get to decorate but I get to decorate “Fixer Upper” style. (Side note: If you didn’t see the latest Fixer Upper episode, OMG, so good! Go watch it now or check out their blog here!)

      When Tommy and I started house hunting, we were on the hunt for a farm style house with a charming wrap around porch. We looked at about 7-8 houses, and quickly became discouraged as homelessness was creeping up on us (our 1st house went under contract after just 2 days on the market – thanks Mom and Dad Van Cleef for the roof over our heads during this time period). We decided to take a step back and rethink our must-have list, especially since I was going to be out of town visiting my parents for a long weekend. As I was prepping to get on the plane, a new house came on the market and the pictures looked perfect, but we learned that houses can look completely different in person so we didn’t get our hopes up. However, houses were moving fast on the market so Tommy had to see it without me. Since we all know how the story ends, let’s just say SHOUT OUT TO MY HUBS. He bought our house without me even seeing it in person. Now that’s a man who knows what his woman wants. We love everything about the house aside from the dark and slightly dated kitchen (which is dark and dated no longer)!

      Before, the walls were a dark grey, there was 1 dated fluorescent box, and a slightly orange stain on the cabinets, making this large sized kitchen feel a bit closed in.  

      Before there was a fan above the kitchen table and the curtains served their basic purpose. 


      Here’s Mattie in her new kitchen, right after closing on Sept. 9th, 2015!  After:  

      We still have a few things left to do (add a couple more recessed lights and 2 matching pendant lights over the island) and stain the open shelving next to the sink but I didn’t want to hold out any longer on you guys! All in all, with the small budget we were able to put in, we are very excited about the turnout of our new kitchen. 

      Stay tuned for the next room at The Supra Farm!

      Start Your Engines…

      Hello blog readers, if there are any yet! My name is Becca and today I’ve (obviously) decided to start a blog. The thought of blogging has crossed my mind many times before but I’ve always put it off because I wasn’t sure I’d have enough interesting things to say BUUUT today I woke up and thought, “who cares?!” And here I am! You’re welcome.

      So, a little about me. I’m 26 years old, married to a professional driver for BMW driving schools and a motor sport called drifting (what’s that?! Google is your friend). Together we have 1 child, who’s a dog named Mattie! My interests include decorating, fashion and DIY so that is mostly what you’ll be tuning into here at The Supra Farm blog! 

      Why “The Supra Farm,” you ask?! Well, September of 2015 my hubby (who now owns a grand total of 5 Toyota Supras for Motorsport as well as leisure purposes) and I purchased a farmhouse. Since we don’t own any farm animals we have self titled our property the Supra Farm. Got it?! Good! 

      So, yea! If you decide to tune in you will get to experience my decorating and DIY adventures as I make this new farmhouse our little farmhome.